Why all the fuss about storytelling?

open bookLet me tell you a story: there once was a hare who bragged about his speed. A tortoise grew tired of the boasting and challenged the hare to a race. Oh, you’ve heard that story before? Maybe you could recite it from memory. That’s the magic of storytelling.

Since before folks were rubbing sticks together and hoping for a little spark, stories have been used to pass on lessons and values… the important stuff. And to think it was done without the benefit of the interwebs.

You have a story to tell and people who want to hear it. You have characters, plots and perspective. You might even have some data to help you make your point.

Wondering how to get started? Pamela Grow has some great ideas for fundraisers and her tips can help you find your stories regardless of your role.  Katya Andresen, Alia McKee, and Mark Rovner offer some great storytelling tips in Lisa Simpson for Nonprofits and, as an added bonus, they talk specifically about how to sprinkle data into your stories—a common conundrum.

Don’t let all the storytelling hype psych you out. Go slow and steady, just like the tortoise and you’ll get there in due time.