Want to show some empathy? We’ve got a button for that!

like People love clicking buttons. If you’ve ever handed a three-year-old your cell phone, you know what I mean. Kids are cute, and it almost makes the bill for that 14 minute accidental call to Taiwan OK.

Buttons get more action today than ever before. People click “like” buttons on Facebook to connect themselves with brands they care about. When it comes to human connections, that “like” button is an expression of what Larry Rosen, Ph.D  calls ‘virtual empathy’, which  “was the best predictor of being able to express real-world empathy”, according to a study he conducted with colleagues.

Now think about what this means when you talk about your mission online. Engage your audience by creating opportunities for people to “like” or “share”, and it gives them a little opportunity to connect. And they will because they feel you, dawg, they really do.

One organization that does a great job of buttonizing is FreePress.net, which provides clickable CTA buttons that let you send an email to legislators, contact companies, and share themed images with your social networks. Super clear CTAs, super clickable.