Like Sham-Wow for your “good enough” marketing

Roxy Before we dig in, I want to introduce you to Roxie the Bird. For the record, she has been around longer than Twitter or Portlandia. She’s a seasoned bird. She can guide you to messaging awesomeness. Sometimes she’s bossy (or, as I like to say “directive”), but she knows her stuff, so pay attention to her when you see her. And, yes, you’ll be seeing her more often.

Now that we’re through introductions…

Many organizations are making due with marketing that’s “good enough”. The problem is “good enough” is often not good enough anymore. You’re competing for the heads and hearts of supporters who are on the receiving end of some pretty fantastic marketing from other organizations.

Sometimes you can look at a pitch and immediately say “Oh boy, that one’s a stinker!” But when it’s your own message–one you live and breathe every day—well, it’s not that easy to tell the difference.

At the risk of going all Sham-Wow on you, I have something that can help.  I created the 1,2,3 Marketing Assessment to help you figure out if what your marketing is hitting the mark and, if not, why.

Using the tool, you quickly score your current efforts against the three elements required for really great marketing.  It’s quick and easy, people, so no excuses not to do it.

Your mission deserves better than “good enough”, does it not?

Download your 1, 2, 3 Marketing Assessment and get started!