FREE Marketing 101 Toolkit let’s you ‘Just Say No to More Marketing’

In marketing, we focus a lot on what you will do. Often a better question is: what will you NOT do? What will you say ‘no’ to? More marketing doesn’t mean better marketing. In fact, it often means worse marketing. Because there are only so many hours in the day and dollars in the bank.

If you want to be successful in 2014, kick it off by figuring out what you won’t be doing this year.

To help you ‘Just Say No to More Marketing’, we created the Marketing 101 Toolkit. It’s FREE, people. Free. Download it. Use it. Decide what things you’ll do really, super well. Focus on them. Prioritize them. Rock them. And forget about the rest. Really.

Want some quick inspiration as you gear up to just say no? This fun, yet practical, post from Nonprofit Marcommunity lists 8 things nonprofit communicators will stop doing in 2014.

Will you join the ‘Just Say No to More Marketing’ movement in 2014?!