2014 List of Words That Wow [infographic]

For those of you wanting to use words to change the world, finding the best words can be super stressful. To get people excited about your work. To get them engaged in your mission. To turn them into super fans who want to make your organization the talk of the town. You want your words to wow!

There are some good resources out there. Lake Superior State University has its Banished Words List. And, of course, there’s the American Dialect Society’s Word of the Year (because heck yeah!). But that still leaves the question of which words nonprofits should use/avoid.

We created the following infographic so you would know exactly which words you should use, avoid and use sparingly or with caution in 2014. We’ll explain why each word is on the list in some follow-up posts. For now, print it out. Hang it up. And have fun using your words to wow!