The REALLY Terrible Orchestra of Westchester has REALLY Terrific Messaging

Not a member of the Really Terrible Orchestra of Westchester...but he could be if he wanted to be!
Not a member of the Really Terrible Orchestra of Westchester…but he could be if he wanted to be!

Last week, I was on a bit of a doom and gloom streak regarding nonprofits and their websites…or lack thereof. (See posts here and here.)

So I thought a little ray of sunshine might be in order. And that little ray comes in the form of The Really Terrible Orchestra of Westchester.

We came across this little gem of an organization while gathering nonprofit websites for the Wordifier research.

So much goodness going on word-wise for this organization. Where to begin?!

Their tagline? Wait for it…

All you need is an instrument and a pulse!

Could it be any more fabulous? Could it ooze more personality? Could it bring a bigger smile to your face? No, no and no.

And their Mission Statement? Just as fab.

Our mission is to share a love of music and the desire to improve our playing while having FUN!

Unlike most nonprofit¬†Mission Statements, which are technically incomprehensible, this one has a Reading Ease Score of 76.2 and the Grade Level clocks in a pitch perfect 7.3. Translation: When you read it, you get it. And that’s all good.

Do I wish the visuals on their website were as spunkarific as their words? Of course! But you know what? Their words are oh-so-good, I can totally let it go.

If you want to be an organization that wields words as well as the fine folks at the Really Terrible Orchestra of Westchester, check out Claxon University’s course,¬†Words on a Mission. We’ll get you sorted out straight away!