Our clients are just plain awesome. They’re brave and visionary and hard-working. We’re lucky to work with them.

Splash (formerly a child’s right) cleans water for kids. Claxon worked with this non-profit start-up to develop a comprehensive engagement strategy to support them as they branched out into individual fundraising. This included message development, a brand snapshot, and a multi-faceted marketing strategy.

Powerful Schools offers extraordinary programs that make sure ALL students succeed in and out of school. Powerful Schools has a wide variety of offerings, many of which had different names and identities. This was confusing to supporters and made it difficult for the organization to get traction on key goals. Claxon worked with board and staff to bring cohesion to their brand and create messaging that was consistent and compelling.

Team Read believes every child deserves to be a great reader. Historically reliant on grant funds, their messaging spoke to institutional funders but not individual donors. They participated in the Accelerator and, during the six month program, successfully evolved their messaging to connect with donors of all stripes. They attribute much of their recent fundraising success to their ability to clearly and compelling talk about what they do and why they do it.

Pretty amazing, right? Here are a few more of our cool clients: