Pitchfalls: why bad pitches happen to good people

Whether you’re looking to land a client, get a job, or engage a donor in your cause, you need an elevator pitch. The problem is most people’s pitches are pitiful. They drive people away, rather than drawing them in. This short book lays out the five biggest mistakes people make when creating and delivering a pitch. Then it shows you how to fix them. Packed with real-life examples, tips, and tricks, this book will help you take your pitch from pitiful to perfect in no time flat.

Raves from readers:

I read Pitchfalls in about 10 minutes and learned more about how to tell my organization’s story than from any other resource I’ve read. I found myself nodding throughout the book, recognizing many of the pitchfalls we have been guilty of in the past. And the best part? Erica includes all the fixes! I’d consider this a “must read” for any staff/board that is struggling with how to effectively pitch their story.  -Laura Collins, Team Read

Erica Mills has created a gem of a mini-book jam-packed with practical tips that will quickly transform the way we talk with each other. Think how much more clarity we would all have if people/businesses/organizations stopped telling us their everything, and just told us what mattered? If only more transformational resources could fit in my back pocket. – Pamela Jons, Whatcom Community Foundation