Pricing & Process

We have developed a Painless Five Step Process that helps you identify what your most pressing needs are AND gives us a really good sense for how we can best meet those needs.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Have all staff and/or board take this Quick Assessment. It should take each person about 5 minutes.
  2. Nominate one lucky person to collect the responses and figure out, on average, where your organization falls in terms of your What, Who, and How. (You’ll have a lot of insight into your organization’s marketing needs at this point. Worth it even if we don’t work together!)
  3. Have that same lucky person, or another lucky person, send us the results. We will set up a time for a 15 minute phone chat with that person.
  4. Based on your assessment results and our chat, we will decide together which services we think will advance your organization most dramatically and how much it will cost to get it done.
  5. Then we get to work!

We’ve worked with teeny tiny orgs and the biggest foundation on the planet, so we are pretty darn good at scaling to meet needs and budget. Get in touch and we’ll figure it out.