The Benefits

Here are the Benefits you’ll receive–both tangible and intangible–by participating in the Accelerator:

  • A marketing communications plan you can immediately put into action, measure the results of and continue to adjust so it accelerates your ability to meet your mission.
  • An elevator pitch that your staff, board and volunteers will love. (Yes, this is really possible!)
  • A straight-forward, highly-effective way to approach your planning going forward that your entire team can use.
  • A network of amazing non profit professionals who are as committed to your success as you are. (Here’s what one participant had to say about this benefit: “The group dynamic is my absolute favorite part. I don’t think we would have gotten as much out of the program if it were just us.”)
  • Regular installments of new tools, tips and templates available only to Accelerator participants.
  • You will be happier because you will be able to stop wasting time and energy on activities that yield little benefit for too much effort.
  • Your board will be happier and more productive because they will know how they can best contribute to your organization’s goals.
  • Your staff will be happier and more productive because you will have eradicated the guess-work and busy-ness from their days.

If you’re wondering where it’ll be, who should attend, etc., check out the FAQs.
If the thought of being happier and more productive sounds too appealing to pass up, register away!