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“Mission and vision statements have a bad rap because they’re asked to do a job they can’t do. They are door openers, not deal closers.”

- Erica Mills Barnhart

Popular Presentation Topics

Marketing for Good

Marketing can make awesome things happen. It can also be used to make not-awesome things happen. Also, marketing can produce stellar results while leaving a lot of tired, weary, hurt folks in its wake. And that’s not good. Marketing for Good is a mindset that comes with a toolkit that ensures marketing is good from inception to execution. That it energizes those who are creating it and dazzles those who consume it.

Conquering Communications Chaos

Chaos is costly. It causes confusion. Confusion is ineffective and unproductive and makes people grumpy — and grumpy people aren’t productive or engaged. In this talk, Erica explains how to identify if and why your internal and external communications are causing chaos and how you can overcome it to boost productivity, profit, and positivity.

The Language of Leadership

Lead. Leader. Leading. We use these words all the time. But what do they really mean? And how can leaders use language to increase their influence and impact? Using real-world examples and practical frameworks, Erica gives participants a way to tap into the power of language to effect change in themselves, their teams, and the world.

How to Perfect Your Pitch

We all know that the first few sentences you say about your organization are critical. And yet, we biff them time and time again. In this talk, Erica focuses on crafting pitches that electrify while passing the “will board, staff and volunteers actually say it” test.

Based on Erica’s popular book, Pitchfalls: Why bad pitches happen to good people.

Nouns, adjectives, and verbs - oh my! Erica is a master of language, and in a clear and engaging way conveys the power of language to create impact.

- Liahann Bannerman, United Way of King County

Erica knows what her speaking clients need, and she delivers. We allowed only 35 minutes, and she left the audience hungry for more. We had to turn the lights out; otherwise they would have stayed all night.

- William Borden, EarthShare Washington

Yours was one of the best workshops I’ve ever participated in – it was truly helpful. I think it’s an absolute must for anybody who wants to be an effective communicator!

- Sherrie Smith, Community Energy Project

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