Inspirational Messaging: A Child’s Right

In last week’s post, we invited you to embark on a messaging journey. As inspiration to do so, we shared a video featuring Scott Harrison, Founder & President of Charity: Water, an organization that brings clean, safe drinking water to people in developing nations.

This week, we find inspiration from another water-focused organization.

A Child’s Right: Every child has a right to clean water.

Whether you consider this an irrefutable truth or pie-in-the-sky, you know what A Child’s Right is all about: kids and clean water. Eric Stowe, the organization’s Founder & Director, doesn’t muddy the waters (pun intended) with a bunch of details. And whether you peruse their annual report, check out their website, or see one of their water filtration systems in action, it’s always the same message. Concise, consistent…compelling.

Some of you are probably thinking something along the lines of, “Yeah but what we do is so much more nuanced and complicated.” A Child’s Right brought clean water to 250,000 in four years. And they are going to bring clean water to 1,000,000 more in the next ten years. How’s that for complicated?

A Child’s Right keeps their top-level messaging focused on the belief that motivates them every day, the ‘why’ behind their work. It makes you want to ask, “Yeah, but how?!” (For anyone wondering, here’s how.)