What NOT to do in your year-end appeal

holiday-logo-exampleIf  you want your year-end fundraising to be successful, please, please, please don’t mess with your logo!

See those logos to the left? They are examples from a recent promotion from Vertical Response.

Enticing, right?!  You could really do a number to spice up your logo and make it color coordinated with the season/holiday on hand.  But stop, and think, what message are you sending to your donors?   Does adding a turkey to your end-of-year giving appeal really have anything to do with your mission?  Or is it simply a shiny object?  Nice to look at (sort of, if you like holly in your Italian food) but not great for brand cohesion and consistent messaging.

You risk confusing your donors. And confused donors are too busy being confused to make a gift.

I’m not saying to be boring with your appeals (or your thank yous). I’m simply saying: unless you’re Google, keep the holly and turkeys away from your logo.