Please welcome Vicki Williams!

Tessa SrebVicki Williams, Claxonro, who has been our intrepid and fearless intern for the past six months, left some very big shoes to fill for her successor…but Vicki Williams is up to the task!

Vicki brings some mad stats and research skillz to the Claxon team. In two short weeks, she has sliced and diced data, schooled us in stats (confidence intervals, anyone?), and introduced me to a new word with which I have instantly fallen in love and will try to use whenever possible because it’s so darn fun to say–abecedarian. (Go ahead, say it out loud. Fun!)

Vicki will be building on the Marketplace of Words research, which is primary research we’re doing to see which words nonprofits use most often, so you can know which words to embrace and which to avoid.) Tessa did the first round of research and, trust me, it’s beyond cool. Vicki will work her magic to evolve that work, making it even more awesome and useful for nonprofits.

Welcome to the Claxon team, Vicki–we’re thrilled to have you on board!