Show don’t tell (Neo fo ym vaforite twetes)

Room to Read believes world change starts with educated children. Their focus? Literacy and gender equality in education.

In a stellar example of show don’t tell, they posted this tweet:

Hwat wdulo hte lrodw kolo lkei fi ouy ocldu otn erda? Noigmeths kile stih. #RTforLiteracy (Each RT=$1 to @RoomtoRead)

Translation: “What would the world look like if you could not read? Something like this. (Each RT=$1 to @RoomtoRead)”.

140 characters of awesome, that’s what that is.¬†They showed you how confusing and disorienting it is when you can’t read something–a feeling you can’t easily describe.

Words are valuable. Using them to show rather than tell? Priceless.