Non-word: very handy attention-grabbers

A non-word is a word that’s not recognized as “legitimate” or not approved given the circumstances. Non-words can be handy. They include gems like blub, proact, and maximizer.

The beauty of the English language is that it’s fluid. Unlike French or some other languages where new words have to be approved, the English language made its name by morphing. This is a boon for those of you who want to do good and get noticed.

There’s something to be said for a well-placed non-word. It jumps out. It grabs your attention. It makes your reader (or listener) ask, “What does that mean?”

In short, it can be a great way to engage.

Should you use words that people know? Yes. Most of the time. And then every so often, a non-word might be a really good move.