DIY Marketing for Nonprofits

Here’s one thing we know about marketing: if you have a plan, you are way more effective. And yet, very few nonprofits have a marketing plan in place. We must put an end to this, people!

A plan is easy, especially if you take a DIY (do it yourself) approach to marketing, which most nonprofits do. You’ve got to have your plan or you end up working really hard and doing a bunch of stuff, but not necessarily getting results. Not good.

As a way to help our fellow do gooders create mission-driven marketing plans in record time, we created the ‘1, 2, 3 Marketing Tree’. It guides you through the process of figuring out your plan in 3 simple steps. Watch this video in which Erica explains how this great tool can make your life so much easier!

In order of importance, here are the three steps:

  1. Define WHAT success means for your marketing.
  2. Figure out WHO you need to reach for your marketing to be successful.
  3. Figure out HOW to most effectively reach your ideal supporters.

Click the  template here to download your very own ‘1, 2, 3 Marketing Tree’. Get planning!