Inspirational Messaging: InvestED

This week’s bit of messaging inspiration comes to us from InvestED, a Seattle-based nonprofit that understands seemingly small hurdles can be huge barriers to student success. Formerly The Saul and Dayee G. Haas Foundation, InvestED’s message is specific and focused: Get immediate help for students in need.

Because sometimes a pair of sneakers is what it takes to graduate, InvestED encourages secondary school students to stay in school, return to school or get involved in their learning community by providing funding to schools for a range of items including school supplies, appropriate clothing, and activity or course fees.

Is there more to┬áInvestED’s story than this? You bet. But, when it comes to their messaging, they make it easy to understand what they do, how they do it and–most importantly–why they do it. It’s inspirational in its simplicity.

Watch Naomi explain the importance of that pair of sneakers and the impact they made in Naomi’s life.