Re-Framing Valentine’s Day

The name you choose matters a whole awful lot when it comes to framing your issue or cause. Take, for instance, Valentine’s Day.

Valentine’s Day’s reputation has taken a dip in recent years as it has become largely synonymous with schtuff–chocolates, roses, teddy bears, teddies. Schtuff.

Sasha Dichter, the man behind the Generosity Experiment, is on a mission to, in his words, “reboot” Valentine’s Day–to make it about generosity instead of schtuff. If he is successful, Valentine’s Day will become Generosity Day, “one day about sharing love with everyone, of being generous to everyone, and to see how it feels and to practice saying ‘Yes’.”

Both Valentine’s Day and Generosity Day are about love. However, the name you use to refer to February 14 reflects your belief about love.

By re-naming the day, Sasha has re-framed what it stands for.

More than 2500 people have taken the Generosity Day pledge. If you believe Valentine’s Day should be about sharing love far and wide, help Sasha re-name and re-frame. Say ‘yes’ to the Generosity Day pledge.

How are you framing your organization, your mission, your cause? Are you good or is it time for a re-frame?