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3d ButtonThere’s nothing worse than getting a wimpy marketing email. You know the ones. You start reading, fail to identify the point and—poof!—it’s gone with one click of the delete button. Bad, boring emails are an epidemic these days.

Missing from most of these bad emails is a clear, compelling call-to-action (CTA). You know, that part where you give the reader easy ways for them to engage. Calls to action should be directive. After all, we’re talking about a “call to action”, not a “request for action”. The goal is to make it so compelling and abundantly obvious what you want them to do that, of course, they want to do it.

Mushy and obsequious are not invited to your CTA party. They don’t inspire action. Yes, it can feel funky to ask someone to do something for you. Think of it this way: people who take the time to read your stuff through to the CTA like what you’re doing. They want to help. Make it easy for them to do it.

So you’ll tell your stories to your supporters to set the stage, then simply tell them what you’d like them to do. Be clear and be bold! In your emails, on your website and in your conversations.

Here are few resources to help you create a kick-ass CTA:

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