Pitchfalls (a free eBook to help you unleash your awesome)


UPDATE: This little gem was so popular I turned it into a mini-book!  Get your copy today.

The word ‘pitch’ has such a bad rap. It’s sad, really. Because a pitch is your ticket to conversations that lead to more people engaged with you and your awesome work.

There’s a lot of similarity between people’s pitch glitches. They can, in fact, be categorized. I shared three reasons why bad pitches happen to good people a few weeks back. What I didn’t tell you was what to do about all this bad pitching.

In Pitchfalls: why bad pitches happen to good people (a FREE sneak peak), I share the top five reasons that people stumble when delivering a pitch. I explain why it happens and, most importantly, how to fix it.

I wrote the eBook knowing it would be read by busy people–people like you who want to making the world a better place, have a great pitch to help you do it, but can’t quite find the time to make it happen. You can dramatically improve your pitch in less than 10 minutes. So can your staff and board. Really, you can. 

For those of you who can’t wait to know what the top five Pitchfalls are, here you go.

  1. You sound like  a robot
  2. You talk about yourself
  3. You talk too much
  4. You use jargon
  5. You sound like a talking tagline
If any of these sound familiar (or intriguing), buy your very own copy of Pitchfalls and get the full scoop!