Let’s name this thing

I’ve gotten loads of comments, questions, thought bubbles, etc. in response to my crusade to rename the non-profit sector the iSector.

Here’s what people said:

  • Yes, we want to do away with referring to ourselves in the negative, particularly after learning that ‘non-profit’ means ‘non-progress’. (Ugh.)
  • Yes, we agree with the key attributes, distinguishing characteristics and unique differentiators as captured in the¬†Five Is. Some could do without intrepid, but overall, we’re good.
  • Yes, we’re ready to find something new.
  • No, I can’t see myself saying/writing iSector.

Even though I’m the iSector instigator, I concur with this last point. It feels a bit trendy, a tidge flashy, a little too Apple-esque.

So let’s name this thing together!

Below is a list of options that have been floated as alternatives to ‘non-profit’.

  • For Cause (shout out to @Susan_Chavez on this one)
  • For Mission
  • Charitable Sector
  • Community Benefit Sector (shout out to @HildyGottlieb on this one)
  • Voluntary Sector
  • Third Sector¬†(brought to us by our friends in the U.K.)
  • Unsectored
  • Progress Sector (I’m personally kinda liking this one right now…)
  • Social Good Sector
  • Social Benefit Sector
  • Social Impact Sector

Which do you like and why? Other suggestions?